SOooo I'm back in Toronto, finally.

I arrived June 18th '18 at YYZ, where my homies Ty, Luc and RJ (legends) picked me up.

Of course I didn't come unprepared and already had a flat rented out for me...I thought.

Well I always thought I'll never be THAT person, who will fall for a stupid scam...but I never got the flat and here I am. 

(Technically)homeless THE man Luc hooked me up with his couch where I'm writing from right now.

How some people might know, I used to stay at Reg Hartt's Cineforum, but ever since the The City of Toronto told Reg he can't have more then 3 other people living with him, it made it complicated for me to move back in. 

Click THIS to read more about the current situation about the Cineforum and how YOU can help it live on.

I'm super stoked to be back in the City and it's only been LOVE I've been seeing and feeling from the people I got to meet again and from the beautiful new faces I got to meet.

If everything goes according to ''Plan'' (I don't really like to use that term, since you CAN'T plan LIFE) you will soon see my face back on the streets of Toronto AND will be able to see me perform at THE CINEFORUM.  

If you have any questions about anything I will be available (24/7)for you on my socials (down below) or via email wizthemc@gmail.com 

I will be posting stuff about my music and journey pretty frequently (mostly) on my Instagram so IF you are interested in that be sure to follow

P.S. BIG shoutouts to all the friends I made last year who kept telling their friends and family about me and my music, it means THE WORLD TO ME. I can't and will never forget that.

with LOVE,

ya boy Wiz




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